Is There Such a Thing as Happily Ever After?

My goal was to share bits and pieces from my memoir about my life as a wife, mother and victim of DV however, I have spent the last nine days thinking that I’d rather take you on a journey of a kinder and gentler type.

I met my current husband during a time of extreme turmoil. I was still locked in to a marriage that was chaotic, abusive and downright evil. I was simply looking for a friend. Someone to talk with. An escape of sorts. So I posted an ad on a website that for now will remain nameless, not for any other reason except that my story is not about them.

For approximately 4 years, from 2008 and 2012, I had been in and out of hospitals for many differing reasons and I was worn out. Not only was I dealing with an abusive narcissist, but I lost my Dad, my youngest daughter went MIA, I had been in a major accident, been bitten by a black widow, almost died from an emergency room giving me meds that I was allergic to, had contracted cellulitis and was battling other bacterial infections every six months. Then right in the middle of all of that mess, one of my dearest friends was murdered by her daughter-in-law. It’s fair to say I was feeling quite overwhelmed.

So when I began receiving responses to my “simply platonic” ad, I thought, great, now I can find someone to chat with and possibly help me “escape” my chaotic world, even if it was just through emails. Oh boy, just the subject lines from some of these responses scared me at best so needless to say, I was pretty sure I was not going to reply to any of them and therefore was not going to find anyone to chat or email with. And then it happened. The day after I placed the ad, a response came in that intrigued me. The subject line simply said, “you seem sincere”. Nothing nasty or rude, so I opened the email and I am so happy I did. This was truly the beginning of my “happily ever after”.

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