The Mirror and the Mayhem ©️

We were living in an apartment. I had moved my childhood furniture there as we hardly had anything. It was a weekend morning and I was still in bed. I could hear him mumbling but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. As I began to sit up I realized he was sitting on the end of the bed, looking at my full length mirror. Even in those early times, I had learned not to say anything until he did so I slowly got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. His mumbling had stopped as I reentered the bedroom. He startled me as he began telling me, “the mirror has to go”. I replied, “why is that, was it making ugly faces at you?” “That’s not funny.” He said, as he lifted the mirror and claimed, “it’s possessed with demons”. My lack of response didn’t cause him pause and he carried my childhood mirror outside and over to the dumpster and just as I was going to object, he raised the mirror over his head and, broke it in half on the edge of the dumpster and then tossed it inside. I ran back inside and sat down. Not sure of whether he knew I saw what he did, I waited for his response as he entered the apartment. Nothing. I got nothing. He disappeared in to the bedroom and then I heard the bathroom door close. Not knowing why, was tearing away at my heart and mind as this was part of my childhood furniture my Dad had bought for me. 

I knew by now there was an edge to him. A side that I had to be ginger while I sought my answers. 

I realize now that that was all part of his master plan to control me. Nothing could have ever prepared me for the next 26 years. He definitely changed the face of narcissism. Pure evil.

How did someone who lacked common sense and intelligence become such a master manipulator. Is it even remotely possible that the evil that possessed him also provided him the knowledge to not only control me but also helped him through life in general. 

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